Green Return Store 

Why Green Returns   ?

Environmental Protection:
 By refraining from returns, we reduce our carbon footprint, as fewer transportation means are required. This means fewer air or sea shipments, resulting in fewer emissions. 
Cost Efficiency:
 Returns are not only environmentally damaging but also costly. By selling returned goods locally, we can save these costs and offer our customers attractive prices at the same time. 
Local Economic Support: 
By selling returned goods in Europe, we support the local economy and create jobs. 
Faster Availability: 
Customers in Europe don't have to wait for products to be delivered from the USA. They can purchase directly on-site and receive their goods more quickly. 
Quality Assurance:
Before we offer returned goods for sale, we thoroughly inspect them. This ensures our customers receive high-quality products. If you are interested in our returned goods or need further information, please visit us at this online store. We look forward to working with you to contribute to environmental protection.

Green Return Delivery Time 

24-48 Hours 


Los Angeles Apparel,  Walder Straße 3, 42781 Haan Germany,   +49 2129 910 9073

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